Assets America®, Inc. (“Assets America®”) will pay a finder’s fee of up to 1/8th of a point (12.5 basis points), on any commercial transaction you refer to us which we successfully close, whether it’s a commercial loan, commercial sale of real property or personal property or a maritime new build. This equates to $12,500 on a $10 million deal ($125,000 on a $100 million deal).  You may refer borrowers, buyers, sellers, real estate brokers, yacht brokers, and even other commercial professionals.

You get paid on each deal they close through us for 3 years or 3 transactions whichever comes first. Therefore, if you refer your borrower, buyer or your commercial professional friend and convince him to start using Assets America® regularly, you could easily earn multiple finder’s fees.

To refer a commercial financing project or commercial sale of real estate or jets or large yachts to Assets America®, simply email us your contact info along with his contact info (name, email and phone); that’s all we need.  Your borrower, buyer or broker will be sent an email inviting him to apply through Assets America®.  If you are the first finder to convince him to use Assets America®, he will be registered as your customer for 3 years or 3 transactions, whichever is first. Entering your contact info and his contact info is quick and easy and commercial loans and commercial sales may be very large; therefore the referral fees are proportionally large as well.  We truly desire to pay you these large fees.

Finally, please be sure to obtain the borrower’s, builder’s, buyer’s, or seller’s verbal permission before sending us his contact info as an email from Assets America® inviting him to apply and work with our firm should not come as a surprise.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us via email at  Thank you in advance for your interest in our referral program!